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Welcome to The Leads Factory

At The Leads Factory, we specialise in the manufacture of hand made leads.
We produce all sorts of leads such as guitar leads, xlr leads, all instrument leads for use on stage including speaker cable. With the gigging musician in mind our leads are made to last a long time. We also make leads for the home or in the studio.

Why are we different?
We are the only company to offer such a variety of tip, lead length and colour combination online. We also pride ourselves on customer relations and providing a quick and easy service.

What about the leads?
Our leads come in two main variety's, SkipRope and ProLead. SkipRope are our own unique design which feature a protective braid. The braid make our leads easily visable, identifiable and protects the soft PVC cable jacket from sharp objects, feet and generally prolongs the life of the lead. ProLead are the same as SkipRope but without the braided protection and therefore cost less.

How are the leads made?

The leads are made to order, either same or next day. They are professionally made, each tip and cable end is prepared and soldered by hand using silver solder. The protective braid on our SkipRope is also laid over the cable by hand. The finished lead is then tested before neatly packaging and sending via 1st class recorded delivery.

How do I buy the leads?
On either the SkipRope or ProLead pages you will find drop down boxes where you may choose your leads length, type of Proel Cable, Neutrik Tips and Braid options. Please have a look round these information pages before deciding what options you would like on the online shop web site below.


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